Battle rapper Eazy addresses Papoose fight rumours with new tweet

Rumours have been flying this week about a supposed fight between Papoose and battle rapper Eazy.

Eazy addressed the incident on Twitter when the rumors gained popularity. He then uploaded the tweet on his Instagram, requesting Papoose to dispel the rumors.

"Real N****s do real things right?," stated the tweet. via @Papooseonline Before I use the hashtag #algorithmboul, Yo Boul clarify these rumors.This week, rumors of a confrontation between Papoose and the battle rapper Eazy have been circulating.

After rumors on social media persisted, Eazy addressed the matter on Twitter and requested Papoose, Remy Ma's husband, to put an end to the rumors. Rapper Papoose hasn't commented on the subject, so fans aren't sure what to trust, but many have expressed their opinions online.

Battle rapper Eazy addresses Papoose fight rumours with new tweet

Fans react to fight rumours

Fans flocked to Twitter to discuss the topic after Eazy posted his tweet requesting Papoose to address it.

One person responded to Eazy's post with, "Why not clear the rumors up yourself brah."

Another person said, "Y'all are now trolling us, I am highly entertained."

“Bruv, Just go live and explain what actually occurred, the irate supporter demanded. Because you don't want to cap and get called out for it, you have been waiting for Pap to speak first. At this point, speaking honestly or staying silent would be preferable.

Others, though, questioned whether this would be a rap battle promotion.

Who is Eazy? 

Anthony Brown, also known as Eazy The Block Captain, is a battle rapper for the Ultimate Rap League. In addition to being an actor for the Fresh Prince of Bel Air revival on the Peacock series, he is a music artist.

According to his website, Brown, who is from Philadelphia, has a joint venture agreement with Lil Flip's Kinglife Family and 3Faces Entertainment.

Himothy: Chapter 1, his debut album, was published in 2022. Come with the game is the name of Brown's most recent song, which was released in March of this year.