What is the meaning of Abprallen? isTarget Pride designer dismisses Satanism claims

Target's Pride collection for 2023 has sparked a lot of controversy and criticism, especially for one of its collaborators, Abprallen. The British fashion label, founded by Erik Carnell, has been accused of promoting Satanism and targeting children with its designs. However, these claims are based on misinformation and misunderstanding of the brand's name and message. Here's what you need to know about Abprallen and why it's not a satanic cult.

What is the meaning of Abprallen? isTarget Pride designer dismisses Satanism claims
What is the meaning of Abprallen

What is the meaning of ‘Abprallen’?

Abprallen is a German word that means 'ricochet' or 'bounce off'. Carnell chose this name to reflect his personal and artistic philosophy: "We are all ever-changing, moving, bounding from one state or place to another." He wanted to create a brand that celebrates diversity, resilience, and creativity. Abprallen's products include art prints, pins, stickers, accessories, and clothing that feature colorful and quirky designs.

Some of Abprallen's designs have references to Satanism, such as pentagrams, skulls, and slogans like "Satan respects pronouns". However, these are not meant to be taken literally or seriously. Carnell explained that he uses Satanism as a metaphor for being an outsider and challenging the status quo: "I am, believe it or not, not a Satanist. I use Satan as a symbol of rebellion against oppressive systems." He also said that he respects people's beliefs and does not intend to offend anyone.

Abprallen has no meaning in Satanism

The products that Abprallen created for Target's Pride collection do not have any satanic symbols or messages. They are simple and positive phrases like "We belong everywhere", "Too queer for here", and "Cure transphobia not trans people". These products are aimed at adults, not children, and are part of Target's efforts to support the LGBTQ+ community.

Unfortunately, Abprallen and Target have faced a lot of backlash from some conservative groups and individuals who have spread false rumors and threats online and in stores. Some people have claimed that Abprallen is a satanic cult that is trying to indoctrinate children with its products. Some have also vandalized Target's Pride displays and harassed its employees. As a result, Target has decided to remove some of Abprallen's products from its shelves for safety reasons.

Abprallen is not a satanic cult. It is a fashion label that celebrates diversity and individuality. Its name means 'ricochet', which reflects its founder's vision of being adaptable and resilient. Its products are not harmful or inappropriate for anyone who appreciates art and expression.

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Abprallen designer Erik Carnell has issued a clarification regarding the Target controversy. In a post on Instagram, the designer shares his perspective on Satanism and how it relates to his work.

“I am not a Satanist, in the sense of believing in or worshipping Satan as a supernatural being. I am not affiliated with any religion – theistic or otherwise,” Carnell writes.

“Satan is a symbol, not a reality, and I use him as such in some of my art. He represents freedom, knowledge, power, and pleasure. It’s playful, it’s fun, it’s metal AF.”

None of the products released as part of Pride via Target had any connection to Satanism or any occult practices.