Madelyn Cline no makeup look proves she’s a natural beauty

 As a Hollywood rising star, Madelyn Cline has attracted a lot of attention for her appearance. The young actress always looks stunning, but she doesn't seem to rely on heavy make up or filters. In this blog post, we will explore Madelyn Cline's natural beauty and her simple make up routine.

Madelyn Cline no makeup look proves she’s a natural beauty
Madelyn Cline no makeup

Many celebrities have been criticized for using filters and editing tools to create unrealistic images of themselves. This can have a negative impact on their fans' self-esteem and mental health. However, Madelyn Cline is not one of them.

We have already talked about how Madelyn doesn't need lip fillers or plastic surgery, but she also frequently shares photos and videos of herself without any make up on.

Madelyn has a simple make up routine

Moreover, the Outer Banks star has revealed her easy and quick beauty routine, which we are sure many fans would love to know.

Madelyn Cline is not shy to show her bare face

Some celebrities are rarely seen without make up, and if they are, it's usually in low-quality paparazzi shots. But Madelyn Cline often posts herself with no make up on for millions of people to see.

Although Madelyn is not very active on TikTok, she did post a few videos featuring her without make up last year.
The above video got an impressive 12.7 million views as she took fans along with her for a day. For most of the video, she is not wearing any make up, but she still looks gorgeous.

It also shows that even celebs don't feel like putting on make up right away on a hot day.

Her next video was similar as she invited fans to join her for a day of filming Outer Banks. Starting from when she woke up, she showed off her flawless no make up look again.
Madelyn has a simple make up routine
In a video for Allure last year, the actress shared her daily make up and beauty routine that you can do in just 10 minutes.
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How to Apply Makeup Like a Pro: Tips from Madelyn Cline

Madelyn Cline is one of the stars of Netflix's hit show Outer Banks, and she has a stunning makeup routine that you can easily recreate at home. In this blog post, we'll show you how she transforms her look with some simple steps and products.

  • Step 1: Apply blush to lift your face

Madelyn says she learned this trick from a TikTok video, and it works wonders for her face shape. She applies blush near her eyes and on her forehead, creating a "sunkissed look" that makes her cheekbones pop. She uses a fluffy brush and a peachy-pink blush for this step.

  •  Step 2: Do a subtle winged eyeliner

Madelyn likes to keep her eye makeup simple and elegant, so she opts for a "little tiny baby wing" that she blends out with a small brush. She uses a black gel eyeliner for this step, but you can also use a liquid or pencil liner if you prefer.

  •  Step 3: Coat your lashes with mascara

Madelyn has gorgeous lashes that she enhances with Armani's Eyes to Kill mascara, which she says is her favorite. She applies it generously to both her top and bottom lashes, making sure to touch her waterline for extra length. She says she likes her lashes to be "spidery", but you can adjust the amount of mascara according to your preference.

  • Step 4: Highlight your inner corners and nose

Madelyn adds some glow to her face with a champagne-colored highlighter that she applies to her inner eye corners and the bridge of her nose. This step brightens up her eyes and makes her nose look more defined. She uses a small brush or her finger for this step.

  •  Step 5: Contour and gloss your lips

Madelyn finishes off her look with a natural lip color that complements her skin tone. She uses an eyebrow pencil to contour her lips, creating a fuller and more defined shape. Then, she applies some lip gloss for some shine and hydration. She uses Anastasia's lip liner in Dusty Rose for this step.

  • Step 6: Add some freckles for fun

Madelyn likes to have some fun with her makeup and adds some cute freckles around her eyes with a brown eyeliner pencil. She says this step makes her look more youthful and playful. You can skip this step if you want, or add more freckles if you like.

And that's it! You've just learned how to do Madelyn Cline's makeup routine in six easy steps. You can watch her full tutorial on YouTube for more details and tips. We hope you enjoyed this blog post and found it helpful. Let us know what you think in the comments below!